NEW RELEASE: ‘Shine’ by Stephen Wilson & Caleb Sutherland, feat. P.Smurf

Back in February we had Stephen Wilson join us in Sydney from Bourke, as well as Caleb Sutherland from Orange. Over a few days they worked on music and shot a video for their upcoming single!

Now we can finally share it with you – released on all streaming platforms, the new single ‘Shine’ is a reggae & rap fusion, guaranteed to make your day a little brighter.

Stephen has been working as an engineer and mentor at the Bourke SEWB studio alongside Lorraine Dutton. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch Stephen grow as an artist over the past 6 months or so and this next song with Caleb Sutherland and P.Smurf is going to be another big step forward in his journey.

This was a massive achievement for everyone involved and we are so grateful to work with so many great talents!
A special thanks to:
Alan Gonzalez for producing the track.
Nicole Klaer & Chris Clark for creating the music video.
Joseph Clarke, Alex Clarke, David Clarke, Nulla Clarke & Jamaul Wright for being fabulous extras.