See Space Rebuild / RealArtWorks

About This Project

RealArtWorks is a not for profit, post disability arts company based in Lismore.

They are dedicated to developing creative arts projects that encourage social awareness and are really doing some amazing work with local artists up that way.

Unfortunately during the recent floods on the north coast RealArtWorks performance and creative space ‘SeeSpace’ was decimated, leaving it unusable for their artists.

We have been fortunate enough to assist RealArtWorks with getting ’See Space’ up and running again. We’ve shipped up speakers, microphones, headphones and a mixer and Store DJ have generously donated all the bits to connect, mount and interface and together we’ve got them back recording, rehearsing and performing.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be able to support the great people that run RAW and we hope to collaborate further with the team on future projects.